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Collaborations - TFP

If you are reading this, it means that we have connected for a collaboration project to work together for great results! 

A few things I would like to touch basis with you first

We are going to work together for this project, we will decide locations, styles and offer suggestions for a better experience to achieve the best. I am always very opened to listen new ideas, see inspirations you would like to share and try new things, that is why I would work on a collaboration. This projects are generally very special to me because there are no results to pursuit but new things and let the creativity flow. Prospect models need to be 18+ years old.

What could you expect from me?

- I give 100% to these projects.

-I will be on time for out photoshoot.

- I will dedicate no less than 90 min to our session (it extends often to  2+ hours).

- I will deliver on a period of 15 business days ( no weekends, holidays, etc)  25+ photos edited and colored properly under my style thru an Online Gallery with proper watermarks.
- I will professionally retouch 3 photos of your selection.

- Gallery will be up for 90 days.
- I will always mention AND tag you on social media posts (you information is required).

- Rights will always belong to Photographer.

- You will be able to use photos for your own promotion, portfolio, any social media outlet and I ask you kindly TAG and MENTION your photographer that you have  worked with.

What would I expect from you?

- 100% of yourself into the project.

- Have absolutely fun, it is time to create and any ideas are always welcomed.
- Make up and Hairstyle done professionally ( even if it is done by you, needs to be on point).
- Show up on time to the photoshoot.
- Everytime photos go online, parties involved in the photoshoot need to be kindly tagged and mention ( as for models, photographers, MUA, hairstylist, Venues, etc).

- A minimum of 3 styles / outfits.
- Not adding modifying on any way the photos by cropping, adding filters, retouching, or adding logos or text, since this will not reflect what I worked for and my style. If modifications are required, communicate with the photographer first.
- NONE of the material is meant to be for profit form both parties, meaning no selling prints, merchandise, printing flyers for bars, nightclubs, etc or adding any of the material to websites by subscription ( onlyfans , patreon, etc).  
- Watermarks are not meant to be remove/cropped at all.

VIDEO: During our photoshoot, I could ask you to take a few clips as well just to create a small video clip form you ( I am not a videographer, but still on the learning curve) and work on it eventually. If video gets developed,   you will receive a Link to watch it and share it and it will be available to you 6 months after aired for the first time.

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